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Revolve's founder, Dr. Georgina Smith, talks about shame, IFS, and the vision and mission of Revolve Recovery. 


What is Revolve Recovery?

Revolve Recovery is an inclusive, community-conscious, trauma and addiction intensive outpatient treatment program that offers 2 program paths.


Revolve’s first path, tarila, specializes in core trauma-focused individual and group therapy through evidence-based treatments EMDR & IFS, along with many other effective, trauma-focused modalities. Revolve also incorporates elements of educating through neuroscience, ACES, destigmatizing mental illness, and healing through connection with community, animals, music, nature, & physical health.


Revolve’s second path, grit, is a community-conscious service therapy program where clients move from "me to we" to continue the relational work of healing and meaning-making in the greater context of community. This path provides the scaffolding for clients to create actionable change, meaning, and purpose within themselves and their communities by participating in community service therapy projects with therapeutic monitoring and case management.


Trauma and Addiction
Recovery Institute L.A.

Revolve Recovery Center Marina Del Rey CA has an innovative intensive outpatient program comprised of a diverse team of trauma and addiction therapists, somatic practitioners, and healers who are focused on staying on the front lines of evolving trauma, addiction, and co-occurring disorders research to bring core education and vital integrated services, interventions and healing to the people we serve.


Revolve Recovery Addiction Treatment Marina Del Rey CA
Revolve Recovery Center Marina Del Rey CA


Community Conscious Service Therapy Program

We are the bridge between the idea of volunteering and the actualization of a meaningful, purposeful, and emotionally beneficial volunteering experience. We assist with the activating steps to make it happen, and with monitoring throughout the experience. We provide therapy to assist in processing and integrating the experience and creating meaningful transformation on a deeper and lasting level in people’s lives. We believe that connection and purpose helps keep people sober, less depressed, less anxious, less lonely, and less dysregulated. And the community at large benefits.



A different approach. Making the move from "me" to "we".

At our addiction treatment Marina Del Rey CA, our clients are desperate for connection, belonging, and purpose, and they don’t know how to find it. They long to volunteer and be a part of something, but don’t know where to begin, or struggle to operationalize the steps that are required to find and sign up for something.

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